The way the world sleeps

A sleeping technology recognized and acclaimed worldwide, the spring mattress is a phenomenon the world sleeps on. Considered synonymous with comfort, the spring mattresses are recommended by many for the excellent body support and sleeping postures. Through Sobha Restoplus spring mattresses, we are not only bringing this technology to India, we are also providing you the only mattress that will allow you to sleep the way the world sleeps. 

Crafted expertly in a state-of-the-art facility in Bangalore, Sobha Restoplus spring mattress is the most advanced sleeping technology in India. Imported machinery and materials make the mattress a durable, comfortable and reliable sleeping surface.

Why is a Sobha Restoplus superior to other mattresses?  

A sign of everlasting support
Following every movement of your body, the Sobha Restoplus spring mattress responds with care. The 'core' innerspring unit lends ultimate support to ensure your sleep is laden with dreams.  

Comfort beyond compare
A cozy mesh off spring enveloped with layers of cushioning gives you unimaginable comfort. And what’s more, you can even customize the layers of cushioning you want on the mattress. The smooth and royal Belgian Damask fabric used in quilting and finishing luxuriously complements the paradise inside. 

The perfect combination
While providing you with the mattress of your choice, Sobha goes a step ahead and allows you to choose the base of your choice. Unlike a cot, the base blends in with the mattress and is the perfect combination to perfect comfort and support.

Tried with care, tested in time
As with all our offerings, Sobha Restoplus spring mattresses are tested under the watchful eyes of a Cornell Type Mattress Tester, imported from Leggett & Platt, USA, a name trusted with devotion around the world.

The excellent support staff at Sobha Restoplus ensures that an order is fulfilled within just 48 hours after it has been placed in Bangalore. The efficient team at Sobha Restoplus is capable of producing and delivering mattresses of all sizes within 72-hours of the order placement and delivery can be made even for a single mattress across the country. Sobha Restoplus has the finest after sales support staff with the best turnaround times in the industry.  

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